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JUWELIS Support in Laos

Woman in Laos

Soap - a rare commodidity in Laos rural areas.

Our JUWELIS Human Care team from Europe, USA and Indochina visited the American NGO "Soap 4 Life" which has its activities in Laos.

Soap 4 Life was established by Mac Maness and his Laotian wife La Vaiyakone. The purpose of Soap 4 life is to promote and develop health and economic opportunities through teaching women in rural and impoverished communities in Laos the basic concepts of making and selling the soap to provide a sustainable income for their families.The production of soap and its related products such as laundry washing powder promote hygiene in remote areas where communities usually don’t even have soap.

Soap 4 Life goes into deep remote locations and choose a handful of motivated women after interviewing them. These women are invited at the founders' home in Vientiane and go through a 5-day course which covers areas such as hygiene, vocational training and basic business skills as well as well as selected tourist shops. There are currently about 200 women around the country who are proficient in producing high quality soap. Soap 4 Life is focused on community development rather than business.

Mrs La Vaiyakone, who is the driving force behind the training and initiative, is an example of women empowerment as she went from poverty to being a very successful entrepreneur who runs a NGO and trains woman on the art of making soap. The JUWELIS team was very impressed with the setup and structure as it fits in line with the philosophy and values of the group and is committed to work with Soap 4 Life in the near future.

How you can help?

Monetary funds to purchase:

  • A new car to reach rural areas
  • Gasoline
  • Molds and raw material 

Peter and Noi's Children

JUWELIS supports a group of around 40 children and teenagers between the age of 4 and 25 who are led by Peter and Noi in Laos' capital, Vientiane. Some come from abusive and drug addicted families, some were addicted themselves, some were abandoned by their parents and some came from orphanages. Peter and his wife Noi are doing an amazing job. Beside raising their own children, they open their home to the children and put them back on the right track. They build up their self-esteem and confidence by teaching them extra-curricular activities such as soccer and other sports. They provide an atmosphereand environment allowing them to manage their lives in a positive manner and teach them to grow up to be responsible adults with professional careers.

We were impressed by the result. The young people were extremely well mannered, doing great at school. The older girls even attend an engineering school. JUWELIS sponsored a monetary contribution and gifts which brought huge smiles into their faces.

One of JUWELIS Human Care project is to implement a business together with the young group to create sustainable income and become independent from donations.

How you can help?

  • Monetary funds to rent and new minibus
  • Soccer supply
  • Soccer coaches - Volunteers