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Fragile World Foundation

Measures against Extreme Global Natural Hazards

Raising Awareness, Prevention and Coordination

Fragile World Foundation

Philipp A. Schoeller, the founder of Fragile World Foundation (FWF), created the foundation with the vision to close global communication and research gaps, especially in the fields of disaster aid after devastating natural catastrophes and prevention of medical epidemics.

Global natural disasters like meteorites, earth quakes, tsunamis, killer viruses are a constant threat to our planet and can cost millions of lives.



Fragile World Foundation's main objectives are:

- to raise awareness of the Earth’s vulnerability
- to analyze potential dangers
- to coordinate global research
- to control disasters trough preventative measurements
- to bringing global knowledge, prevention and coordination together

Philipp A. Schoeller compares his Foundation with a fire insurance:

The premiums need to be invested into prevention. Because replacement after a “total loss” is out of the question. --- Philipp A. Schoeller

We, at Human Care Association, powered by JUWELIS, fully support Fragile World Foundation. With Steffen Bastian’s selection as a board member at FWF, we guarantee the correct placement of donations. We are very much looking forward creating meaningful results together with FWF and would like to thank Philipp A. Schoeller for this opportunity.

Watch the video below for more information.