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The Team

Team & Leadership


Steffen Bastian

Founder and Chairman

Making a positive difference in other people's life gives my own life meaning and purpose.


Steffen Bastian started from early age on helping others and his desire to see less suffering in the world has grown with age. As a teenager, he traveled the world on a motor cycle and he saw places where people smiled despite their despatration. Moments that formed Steffen Bastian's life for the decades to come.

Steffen has touched many hearts and has helped a number of people who crossed his path. But over the decade, his burning desire to be at service at a bigger level became unstoppable.

His vision to built a vehicle to combine profit and philanthropy has become reality with building JUWELIS World Resources AG, a Swiss firm in the sectors of sustainable energies and agriculture projects. 

With JUWELIS Human Care Association, a platform to combine JUWELIS contribution with other charitable organizations, a dream came true for Steffen Bastian.



Evelyn Bernet

Co-Founder and Vice Chairwoman

Empowering and inspiring women is what keeps me going.


As a chemical engineer, Evelyn Bernet grew up in a male dominated working field in Europe and struggled with the acceptance of women in many areas during her teenage years. It became a mission to empower women and Evelyn inspires one woman at the time.

During Evelyn's college years, she dedicated her time in hospitals in Switzerland and with handicapped boy scouts organizations.

With the JUWELIS Human Care Association, Evelyn found the ideal platform to live up to her long dream and she is very passionately involved in all the projects.



Tiffanie Cazenave

Nothing makes me hapier than giving hope and joy to those who need it the most.


Tiffanie was born and raised in France where she studied international business while dedicating most of her free time volunteering in her community.

After graduating she worked in a marketing company specialized in crafting fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations in France. She then moved to the United States and worked for a non-profit therapeutic horse riding center located in Oklahoma.

Tiffanie eventually joined JUWELIS Human Care Association in order to help more people and protect our environment at a larger scale, all around the world.







Mark Dumf

IT Support and Administration.


Details coming soon.




Advisory Board


Dr. Cindy Cork

My mission is to help open people’s eyes to their infinite potential.


Dr. Cindy Cork began her career as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company and quickly realized that medications were not the path to true health.  She changed focus and has spent the past 18 years as a Holistic Optometrist.  She combines her knowledge of the eye with her studies in several alternative healing modalities to not only improve her patients’ sight, but to also open their eyes and create a greater vision for their lives.  

Dr. Cork is always helping those less fortunate. She has donated her services to the battered women’s shelter, and she participates yearly in medical mission trips, giving the gift of sight to underdeveloped nations. 

Joining the JUWELIS Human Care Association offers Dr. Cork another avenue to contribute on a larger scale.   




Prof. Dr. Franz Hoermann


Prof. Dr. Franz Hoermann, grew up in Austria where he studied economics and business administration. His habilitation in Accounting Software Models in 1996 has been the beginning of an interesting career. Franz has worked extensively with the Austrian Board of Chartered Accountants and as an IT-Auditor. His interest in new economic models and theories lead him to become a lecturer, publisher of countless books and teacher at Universities in Austria and abroad. Franz’ online workshops teaching his invention of the „Information Money“ paradigm for a new, cooperative complementary currency that leads society from a financial zero-sum-game into a plus-sum-game are in high demand. Franz has become the leader in a new age in finances.

Franz loves to travel, enjoys foreign cultures and food. He is like a sponge and never stops learning. This also motivates him as a passionate teacher with the goal to pass on his knowledge and help others to become financial independent through understanding finances. His ultimate goal is to create alternative financial systems for a better life.

JUWELIS Human Care Association caught Franz’ interest because of the variety of international projects where his passion as a teacher makes a big impact of many life.



Christina Stevens

Details coming soon.



Jan Camp

Doing business while working in the countryside and helping Cambodian locals, is what I really enjoy.


With deep sadness, we learned about the sudden passing of our dear member Jan Camp in February 2020. His family in Cambodia and the Netherlands carry on his legacy. Jan will be greatly missed.

Jan was born and raised in the Netherlands where he pursued a career in telecommunications. In 2004 he moved to Cambodia, opened a guesthouse with restaurant in Siem Reap and also founded a NGO: the Cambodia-Dutch Organization. Building and maintaining schools and hospitals, installing water pumps, supporting families and offering free English classes are just a few examples the many projects he has accomplished.

In 2010 Jan geared towards the farming business after discovering the amazing health benefits and water purifying ability of Moringa, also called the miracle tree. He started successfully producing moringa powder, tea, tablets and oil to become, today, the largest Moringa farmer in Cambodia. He also receives help from students at the HAS University in the Netherlands in terms of product research and development.

Jan's heart is with his adoptive Cambodian family which has been working with him from the very begenning, expanding and welcoming more children each year.